Development of Functional Metal
iotech™ technology is advanced technology. In the field of metal, iotech™ technology is able to reform and improve the metal material properties and additional new functions by special processing treatment with ionized mineral metal material solution for instance ionized gold, silver, cooper, magnesium, zinc, manganese, aluminum, stainless steel, platinum and so on.
iotech™ technology can improve the transformed subject its physical properties well and add additional new functions as well by a method of metal hardening treatment. By the processing of metal hardening treatment is heating up the subject for example metal material or metal parts with ionized mineral metal materials. It can active the molecular motion of metal elements.
Therefore, under this active condition, the subject is able to get into the crystallization (lattice organization) or broken spots where becoming crossing bridge for each other. Next, Soaking the subject into ionized mineral metal solution while the subject can be dissociated and transform in the ionized mineral metal material solution right away.
Moreover, the processing of iotech™ technology are better than conventional pulverization because iotech™ technology could control and process ultra-micro particle ionized metal materials by stable method of ionized mineral metal solution processing, In addition, Ionized mineral metal solution could apply plating on very fine components°«s metal material or parts.
Ionized metal materials is liquid (solution)
Compare with conventional method, iotech™ technology is incredible and unbelievable reforming technology for subject of metal surface hardening treatment inducing transformation with ionized mineral metal material solution.
iotech™ Technology is able to enhance and improve the metal material that had desired for physical properties, qualities and additional functions by hardening method with ionized mineral metal materials solution.
Compare with performance of Alloy method, combination of hardening method is different and unique. Besides, the method of hardening treatment can enhance and improve the metal material or metal parts its physical properties, better quality and new additional functions.
Be able to expect applying for plating solution on the very fine component°«s metal surface without difficulty.
The introduction processing of hardening method technology with ionized mineral metal solution is easier.

ʮHardening processing by meaning of heat the object metal material or parts by certain degree ( for example: Alumina is treated by 250 degree).Then, soak up the object into the ionized mineral metal solution.
Enhances radiator efficiency of LED electric light bulb°«s parts.
Enhances thermal efficiency of crystal display°«s heat sink.
Fuel cell°«s catalyst miniaturization (micro perforated and platinum surface treatment in silicon wafer).
Enhances functional up for hybrid vehicle batteries.
Enhances steel wire by magnesium surface treatment.
Enhances golf club part°«s functional up for material of Titan driver head.
Enhances knife hardness, sharpness and rush prevention.
De-frosting plate for frozen food.